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How to track down Australian and international theses.


Find theses online and in-print


This guide will show you how you can find Masters and PhD theses from:

  • The University of Melbourne
  • Other Australian universities
  • Outside Australia


Why use theses?


Theses can be a valuable source of information, especially around topics where there are fewer published works available.
The references or works cited in a thesis can also be useful in finding further published sources around the topic.

If you are currently writing a thesis (Honours, Masters or PhD) you may want to:

  • check if anyone has recently completed a PhD thesis in your area of research internationally
  • look at PhD theses from your faculty (or supervised by your supervisor) to get an idea of how to format your thesis.
How do I cite theses?


Check Re:cite to see examples of how to cite theses in all the major referencing styles.


University of Melbourne theses

Most recent theses are available through Minerva Access, the University's institutional repository. 

Minerva includes PhD and Masters Research theses, as well as a smaller number of Honours and Masters Coursework theses

  • Use the search box to search for the title or author of a thesis, or do a keyword search


Accessing Full-Text


Open Access Theses
  • Many theses are open access. Use the download link on the left to access a PDF of the thesis.

screenshot of open access thesis with boxes highlighting open access status and download link


Restricted access theses
  • Some theses are currently only available to University of Melbourne staff/students

  • Use the login link and access with your unimelb username and password

screenshot showing access status of thesis as only available to University of Melbourne staff and students, login required, with login highlighted by a yellow box


Embargoed theses
  • These theses have been embargoed and there is currently no full-text available
  • You will be able to view an abstract only

screenshot of thesis with access status showing item is embargoed and will be available on 2022-02-19


Finding theses from your faculty
You can limit your results in Minerva Access to view only theses from your faculty:
  • Select the Communities and Collections link from the Browse menu in the right column

homepage of Minerva Access with Communities & Collections link highlighted


  • Click on the + button next to Minerva Access to see a menu of faculties

text saying Select a community to browse its collections, and plus button next to Minerva Access community highlighted in yellow


  • Choose your faculty from the list
  • There may be further options to refine by School or discipline. Use the plus (+) buttons to see more options.
  • Select the link for Theses 

screenshot of list of headings under the School of Languages and Linguistics, with School of Languages and Linguistics - Theses link highlighted with yellow box


  • To further refine the list, (for example, to just PhD theses) scroll down to use the Type menu on the far right menu bar.

Finding University of Melbourne print theses


University of Melbourne theses not available online are held in the Cultural Collections Reading Room on level 3 of the Baillieu Library, or in offsite storage. You cannot physically browse the thesis collection; you need to submit a request to view a thesis using the online form.

You can search the Library Catalogue to find theses. 

  • To restrict your search to just theses, select University of Melbourne Theses from the drop-down menu to the right of the search bar


For more information on requesting to view print theses see the Special Collections website.



  Australian theses

Australian theses from other universities can be located via Trove

  • Choose the Books link on the Trove homepage

Trove homepage showing location of Books link


  • Enter your search terms in the the search box, and select the Australian content option underneath
  • Click Search

Trove search box with search for climate change entered, Australian content option below search box highlighted with yellow box


  • On the results screen, select Thesis from the Format Menu on the left

Format menu with Thesis circled in yellow


  • Theses available online will have View online link below the record
  • Click this to go to a full-text copy of the thesis

Thesis record with green View online button below it highlighted with yellow box


  • If the thesis is not available online through Trove, please submit an Inter-library Loans request to see if a copy can be obtained. 
  • Go to the Request Forms page and use the thesis request form.

  International theses

These are the top four international theses databases that include full-text:

Other useful theses databases