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Marketing Metrics

Resources on marketing metrics

When searching information

For a comprehensive list of relevant library resources go to the

Industry information tab

in Company and Industry Information guide

You can find useful information elsewhere as well, for example:

  • company websites
  • annual reports
  • news paper articles

And finally, always check the date of the information that you are using.

Databases for analysing the indsutry environment

This is not an EXCLUSIVE list. This is a "how to guide" to few databases for measuring marketing performance using consumer and industry information.

Consumer analysis

    • Either select from the categories listed
    • Or type in a search phrase on the upper right
    • Once you have your report (always check the date), you can: 
      • Look at the chapters individually on the left hand side, start with “Executive summary”
      • Search this report

Industry analysis

Industry profiles include e.g. Five Forces Analyses, maket outlook and data

    • Type in industry
    • Choose Industries from a drop down menu
    • Refine your search by selecting appropriate Geography
    • If you can’t find your industry, browse By industry
    • Under Industries select your industry
    • Refine selections under Search Tree for subindustry and click Go
    • Refine selections further under Categories and Topics Tab
    • Click on the Geographies tab and select region or country
    • Click Search
    • Results will retrieve Company Profiles, Industry Overviews and statistics like Market Sizes and Brand Shares 
    • Choose the region
    • Select the country
    • Click the desired industry tab
    • Download data from on the upper right hand side or a quarterly report below

Covers Australian and Chinese industries, provides e.g. industry performance, outlook and key statistics

    • Browse report listings or type in keywords
    • View by sections or download a .pdf report

Provides market size, segmentation and market share for many consumer industries

    • Under Search tab select country, industry and market 
    • Click view results
    • Download a full report or download data to Excel
    • You also will have a list of related reports
    • Type in industry
    • Select Publication Type: Industry Profile



Industry classification codes

Industry classification systems are used by government and business for classifying industries by numerical code. 

Many databases allow searching by industry codes to create lists of companies by industry.

Use the following websites to find the codes for industries you are researching: