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Master of Management (Accounting)

Writing tips

Your assessment item =  comprehension of the question
research skills
synthesis of ideas
good writing

A short essay or report is often more difficult to write than a longer piece of work.

Keeping it short calls for you to be concise when determining structure, content and expressing your ideas.

  • identify three (or a defined number of) key points to communicate
  • use two paragraphs to convey each key point
  • then include an introduction and conclusion

A 1,200 word essay structure may look like this:

Introduction    2 paragraph (200 words)
Point One 2 paragraphs
Point One 2 paragraphs
Point One 2 paragraphs
Conclusion 1 paragraph (150 words)

Literature Review Guide

Our Literatue Reviews Guide can help you with your Literature Review.

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Academic Skills 



Style Guide


Faculty of Business & Economics Helpsheets

These are located on the library website


What is plagiarism? 

What to acknowledge? re: cite offers a guide for referencing, citation, and acknowledgement at the University of Melbourne.