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Advanced Google Searching

Library Links


You can set up Google Scholar so that it brings up the full text articles for items that the University of Melbourne has available via their subscription services. This is available for University of Melbourne staff and students.

(1) To do this, first of all go to Google Scholar

(2) You will then need to sign in with your Google Account.


Google scholar

(3) Once you've signed in, go to settings

(4) Click on Library Links on the left hand side

(5) Search for the University of Melbourne in the search field (as above)


(6) Press save - this will save the University of Melbourne library link (for sourceit@Melbourne) to your Google account.

(7) When you run searches, you will now see the Sourceit@Melbourne links on the right - click on these to see the full text.

You can also get a specific Google Scholar button for your browser. – go to Settings to add button to your browser to easily move between Google and Google Scholar

Tips for searching Google Scholar

Use these shortcuts when searching Google or Google Scholar to get better results.

Search tool

How it works


"exact words" searches for the words together as a phrase "climate change"
-word search will not include this word amazon -bookshop

search for the author of a journal article or book 

:au search for websites from Australia  insulation:au
site: limit to a type of site: .gov, .edu, .com site:gov
site:URL + search term search only within a specific site Julie Willis

Using citations to search


Found a really useful article in Google Scholar? You can use it as a starting point to find other related articles.

Google Scholar provides "cited by" and "related articles" links which you can use to find more recent, related research.

Using CIted by in Google Scholar


Saving and Exporting Records

Save records and export them to reference managers.

Click on the star to save records 

saving records to my library

Go to My Library to view records and export them to a reference manager.

my library          


export records from Google Scholar