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Australian Government Documents

Learn how to find and access Australian Government Documents online


Welcome to the Australian Government Documents Library Guide

This guide provides advice for finding Australian government documents online.

Government documents covers a range of materials, but essentially refers to any documents or laws produced in Parliament, and policy or regulatory documents produced by Government Departments.

Check the Finding Government Documents section for core databases and websites. For state or territory specific information, click on the interactive map below.

  Finding Government Documents

Three things you can do to start your government documents research:                    

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Resources that search across federal, state and territory government documents.

Note: check geographic and date coverage.



Western Australia

South Australia



New South Wales

Northern Territory

Australian Capital Territory



A draft or proposed Act that is introduced and debated in parliament.

Budget Papers

Documentation produced by the government that outlines the projected income and expenditure for the next financial year. Usually released in May.

Chamber Documents

Documents that outline the order of business in each parliamentary chamber. They usually include an agenda for each sitting day, the items before each chamber,  and meeting minutes.

Extrinsic Materials

In the context of government documents and legislation, this is the documentation designed to explain legislation; Hansard, Explanatory Memoranda/Statements, Committee Reports.


An official government publication which gives information about government matters and makes government announcements.

Transcripts of Parliamentary proceedings, also known as Parliamentary debates.

Tabled Papers

Documents or items that have been presented in parliament. Can include committee reports, legislative instruments, annual reports, etc.

V & P

Votes and Proceedings made in each parliamentary chamber.

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