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Advanced Google Searching

Google's Advanced Search Page

The advanced search feature is not available on the Google homepage. There are three ways you can access advanced search:

  1. Access it via this URL:
  2. Select the ‘options’ button on the right hand side of the screen (please note: you will only see the options button after you have conducted a search)


Advanced search gives you a range of search options, with examples against each of the fields.  Some useful features of advanced search:

  • Site or domain search
  • Searching by country, language, time or region
  • Restrict the file type you search for (eg. PDF)
  • Restrict the search by numbers, good for establishing number ranges such as date, price. 


Advanced Search page



You can also set the numerical date range

Numerical range search – enter a range of numbers to enable this as a function of your search.