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Advanced Google Searching

Google's Advanced Search Page


The advanced search feature is not available on the Google homepage. There are three ways you can access advanced search:

  1. Access it via this URL:
  2. Select the ‘options’ button on the right hand side of the screen (please note: you will only see the options button after you have conducted a search)


Advanced search gives you a range of search options, with examples against each of the fields.  Some useful features of advanced search:

  • Site or domain search
  • Searching by country, language, time or region
  • Restrict the file type you search for (eg. PDF)
  • Restrict the search by numbers, good for establishing number ranges such as date, price. 


Advanced Search page



You can also set the numerical date range


Numerical range search – enter a range of numbers to enable this as a function of your search.



Google Video Search

Google Video is a more comprehensive video search engine than Youtube, as it searches across other video providers, whereas Youtube just searches Youtube content.

to filter your results, including:

  • Duration
  • Time
  • Features
  • Quality
  • Close caption options



Select search tools to pick which filter you want to search by.

Google Books

Searches the full text of books and magazines that Google has scanned. As of October 2015, the number of scanned book titles was over 25 million. Books are mostly older items, many out of print. Not all books on the site are available in full text.


Google Reverse Image searching

Use reverse image searching to find related or similar images

Google N Gram Viewer

Google's online search engine that searches Google books for terms. It specifically uses a yearly count of n-grams found in sources printed between 1500 and 2008. Useful for searching trends of concepts. Can narrow down to language or date range.