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This guide will help you find quality resources for your marketing studies and research.


Find the recommended textbooks for your subject in the Subject Reading Lists (search by subject name or code).

These books are available for overnight loan and/or two hour loan and are located in the High Use Collection on the Ground Floor of the Giblin Eunson Library. 

   Searching on your topic

To find books on a particular topic, use a keyword search in the Library Catalogue e.g. "strategic marketing"

To narrow a search, add more keywords e.g. marketing and "social media”

To increase the number of search results, use synonyms, and brackets if combining with other keywords e.g. (internet or online or e-commerce) and retail*

The asterisk symbol * finds alternate word endings e.g. retail* finds retail, retailing, retailer etc

  Browsing for Books 

You can browse the shelves of the general book collection and the High Use collection in the Giblin Eunson Library to find books on marketing.

Number Subject
658.56 Product Management
658.575 New products
658.8 Marketing management
658.802 Strategic Marketing
658.812 Relationship Marketing
658.827 Branding
658.83 Market research
658.834 Consumer behaviour
658.8342 Neuromarketing and Consumer Neurscience
658.835 Market share
658.84 Internet marketing
658.848 Global Marketing
658.872 Retail Marketing
658.872 Social Media Marketing
659.1 Advertising