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Research Impact for Fine Arts and Music

Music compositions

Music compositions

Compositions may include complete musical works, sections of works, lyrics, film scores, music for theatre or dance, and interactive compositions. Evidence of the impact of these outputs can include: 

  • information from publishers (ie. sales or download figures)
  • prestige of the publisher or publication
  • performance of the work, and prestige of the performer
  • award nominations or prizes
  • social media mentions or shares
  • reviews of the work
  • library holdings
  • commissions and invitations
  • information about on any accompanying work (ie. performance of a composition; production of a film soundtrack)

Evidence of impact for interactive compositions and performances or recordings of musical works may be found for those separate outputs.

 Download the checklist for music compositions

Image CCBY: Music Book by Claudia Revalina from the Noun Project

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