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Research Impact for Fine Arts and Music


This checklist is for individual artworks in any medium. For live performance art or film works, it may also be useful to consult the Live Performance and Recordings lists respectively. For exhibitions of multiple works, consult the Exhibitions list.

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Image CCBY: paint by Sandhi Priyasmoro from the Noun Project

Books and book chapters

This checklist can be used to gather citation data and reviews for whole books and book chapters. If your chapter is in an edited book, you should consider whether you need data just for the chapter or for the entire book.

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Image CCBY: open book by Icon Lauk from the Noun Project

Conference papers and proceedings

This checklist can be used to collect information about the conference paper and the conference itself. You should also consider whether the proceedings have been published and/or made available online.

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Image CCBYconference by Jesus Puertas from the Noun Project

Creative writing

This checklist may be used for published textual works, including fiction, poetry, screenplays, scripts, pieces of journalism, published speeches, art or book reviews, and exhibition catalogues.

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Image CCBY: Pencil Writing by Icongeek26 from the Noun Project

Exhibitions: Artist and/or curator

This checklist is for exhibitions or showings of multiple artworks as artist and/or curator. For individual artworks, use the checklist for Artworks.

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Image CCBYMuseum by bmijnlieff from the Noun Project

Journal articles

Citations for journal articles can be found using various tools and databases, however it can be challenging to find useful information within the creative arts using the mainstream tools like Web of Science, Scopus or Google Scholar. We recommend that you also systematically search for your articles across a variety databases specialising in Fine Arts and Music research.

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Image CCBY: magazine by Diego Naive from the Noun Project

Live Performances

This checklist should cover most performance types, including theatre, dance, music, spoken word, and performance art.

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Image CCBY: stage by Kangrif from the Noun Project

Music Compositions

This checklist is for any compositional output, including complete musical works, sections of musical works, lyrics, film scores, and music for theatre or dance. For interactive compositions it may also be useful to consult the Artworks checklist. For performances or recordings of works, it may be useful to consult the relevant checklists.

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Image CCBY: Music Book by Claudia Revalina from the Noun Project


This checklist should cover most types of recordings, including music, audio, film, TV, podcasts and video art.

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Image CCBY: CD by Atif Arshad from the Noun Project

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