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Data dashboard to support your research case

Visualisng data

VOSviewer is a tool for constructing and visualising bibliometric networks. The most recent Version 1.6.17 of VOSviewer supports data export from Dimensions to allow you to create co-authorship, citation, and bibliographic coupling maps.

To download standalone VOSviewer -

To use the most recent VOSviewer Online -


VOSViewer Visualisations

I have downloaded VOSviewer from and I would like to use the results of my Dimensions search to visualize the relationships between the publications, authors, journals, institutions or countries.

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Click to view larger image


1. Complete your search in Dimensions and click on Save/Export and select the option 'Export for bibliometric mapping'

Note: Exports in Dimensions are currently limited to 50,000 rows. You will receive an email when the export is complete and you can download it from the Dimensions Export Center

Creating a data visualization in VOSviewer

2. Open VOSviewer (Download available from

3. Click the 'Create' button to open the wizard

4. Select the second option “Create a map based on bibliographic data”

5. Click 'Next'

6. Click on the 'Dimensions' tab and then upload your CSV file

7. Further prompts from the wizard will ask you to make selections for different types of mapping.

Dimensions filters: University of Melbourne, Articles, Cardiovascular
VOSviewer: Author map


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VOSviewer help

VOSviewer Online interactive map