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Australian Taxation Law

Journals and Journal Articles

We recommend using the following legal, business and tax databases to find scholarly journal articles on Australian tax law, irrespective of the journals in which they are published. These databases include articles from hundreds of  journals, and are an efficient and comprehensive way to find articles on your topic.

Australian Journal Article Databases


Multijurisdictional Journal Article Databases

The following databases provide access to articles in hundreds of tax and tax-related journals. They include many articles on Australian tax law. 


Individual Australian Tax Journals


Reports and other publications by the following government and professional organisations can be useful for your research. 


Law Firm Publications

Open access publications by Australian law firms specialising in tax law can be useful - they are usually concise, up to date and practical. Such firms include:


Australian Tax News

The news resources below provide information on the latest cases, legislation and ATO rulings.

For assistance setting up alerts for these resources, contact one of our reference librarians at