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Australian Taxation Law

Finding all cases on a topic

The reports and databases listed in the box below have selective coverage - that is, not all cases are included. To find all Australian tax cases on a topic, and to find the Most Recent cases, use Jade's Advanced Search (available by clicking on the drop-down menu next to the search now button) to search for cases on a particular tax topic. Either:

  • choose the broad topic of 'Taxation and Revenue' in the Topic box (which will appear after you click the by topic option, under Judgements in the column on the left). You can then narrow your search by date, jurisdiction, court etc., or
  • use the Text field, type your search term and select catchwords from the drop-down menu. You can narrow the search by jurisdiction, or court, date etc.

Specialist Tax Case Databases and Casebooks

There are several Australian specialist tax report series and databases that include selected cases on all tax matters. These are usually arranged by court and date, and can be searched by keyword.


See also up-to-date tax casebooks, which typically provide the basic facts of cases and critical parts of the judgments. For example, see: 

Finding Cases on Legislative Provisions

To find cases that interpret or discuss specific legislation and/or legislative provisions in Commonwealth, State and Territory Acts:

1. Use CASES databases in the following resources to search for the provision/section:


2. Use Legislation databases and print tools that provide access to cases on each provision: