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Papua New Guinea Law

PNG Judgments

Papua New Guinea Law Reports 

Papua New Guinea Law Reports contain cases determined in the National Court of Justice and the Supreme Court of Justice.

PNG Courts 

The PNG court system comprises a two-tiered system of courts of general jurisdiction:

  • Supreme Court of Justice (established by s 160(1) of the Constitution) – the highest court in Papua New Guinea. It is a superior court of record. The Supreme Court hears appeals from the National Court, and can also review National Court decisions. Section 18 of the Constitution provides that the Supreme Court has original and exclusive jurisdiction as to any question relating to the interpretation or application of any provision of Constitution and other Constitutional laws.
  • National Court of Justice (which includes courts located in the provincial capitals) was established by s 163(1) of the Constitution. It is a superior court of record, has original jurisdiction as a trial court, and appellate jurisdiction to hear appeals from the District Courts.



Other Courts

Section 172(1) of the Constitution provides that Acts of Parliament may establish other courts within the National Judicial System. Section 172(2) provides that such courts may include courts intended to deal with matters primarily by reference to custom or in accordance with customary procedures, or both. The Magisterial Service is established by s 173 – it is responsible for other courts established under s 172.

See more information on the Department of Justice and Attorney General website. These courts are District Courts and include:

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