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Researching Australian Education

This guide provides an overview of sources relevant to the history of education in Victoria and Australia.

Key Documents

Use Annual reports and Reports by Inspectors, Records of Royal Commissions to find key information relating to school districts, standards, curriculum and educational change.

Note that annual reports can be difficult to track because of organizational name changes.

The reports listed below are mostly held in off-site storage. Access can be organised by using the library catalogue 'request' button and completing the form data.

Review of Australian Curriculum Policies 1975-2005

Professor Lyn Yates

Professor Lyn Yates

The project School knowledge, working knowledge and the knowing subject: a review of state curriculum policies 1975-2005  was lead by Professor Lyn Yates and funded as a Discovery Project by the Australian Research Council for 2007 and 2008, and  supplemented by further funding from the University of Melbourne through 2009. This is an important source of information because it identifies and analyses key curriculum documents that have shaped secondary schooling.

Curriculum Resources

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