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Learning intervention and inclusion

This guide supports students enrolled in learning intervention courses.

Specific learning difficulties topic searches

The following keyword search strategies link to search results in the library catalogue.

("learning difficulties" OR "learning disorders") AND curriculum

specific learning disabilit* AND intervention 

(aphasia OR acalculia OR dyscalculia OR dyslex* OR dysgraph*) AND (teach* OR educ*) 

learning disabilit? AND mainstream* 

(litera* OR numera*) AND learning intervention 

(diverse OR diversity) AND learn* AND inclus* 


Tips For Building Your Search Statement

Use truncation to extend search results - e.g. learn* will retrieve learn, learners and learning

Add "quotation marks" to retrieve a specific phrase.

Use the term OR to find synonyms or alternative terms- e.g. behavior OR behaviour

Use brackets around alternative terms to create order in your search - e.g. ("learning difficulties" OR "learning disorders") AND curriculum

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