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Open Research

This guide provides information and how-to advice on a number of different ways you can embed open practices into your research.
  Registering a trial, study, or report


Registering a study, trial, or report allows for greater transparency and reproducibility to research and allows others to know you are working on a topic.

Registering trials, studies, and reports is an expanding practice. Whilst quite established in the medical and health fields, researchers from across many disciplines are now beginning to take up this practice as a way to allow for better transparency of their work and research practice. There are numerous registry databases which can be discipline-specific or concentrate more on the geographic location of the research.

For further information on this see-

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Clinical trial registries

Two large clinical trial registries are:

  • Australian New Zealand Clinical Trials Registry ANZCTR, (a register of clinical trials being undertaken in Australia and New Zealand)
  •, a US site listing clinical trials in the US and in other countries, including Australia

For a list of other Australian clinical trial registries, and how to register, visit the Australian Clinical Trials Registries website.

Registered reports and studies


Open Science Framework (OSF) has a large registry of clinical and non-clinical reports from a variety of publishers.

"Improve your research with preregistration. By writing out specific details such as data collection methods, analysis plans, and rules for data exclusion, you can make important decisions early on and have a record of these choices. This can help reduce biases that occur once the data are in front of you". - OSF Preregistration

You can create an account and register your study with OSF.