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What is microform?


'Microform' is a generic name for microfilm and microfiche. A microfilm is a photographic film on a reel, in either 16mm or 35mm format, of images that have been reduced in size. A microfiche is a film that has been cut into rectangular sheets.

Anything that can be photographed can be placed on microfilm or microfiche. For example, in the collection you can find maps, statistical tables, documents, manuscripts, photographs and artworks.

In the University of Melbourne Library catalogue microfilm is identified by the prefix MIC/o. Microfiche is identified by the prefix MIC/f.

A guide to either a microfilm or microfiche collection is identified by the prefix MIC.

Finding microform collections

You still have microfilm?

Microforms have been used for many years as a media to preserve and disseminate information and has a range of resources that can complement digitisation.

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