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Maths Education

This guide has been created to support students enrolled in maths education subjects and courses.

Blooms taxonomy for iPad apps

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Statistics & probability apps - Secondary

Statistics & Probability

An app platform which supports the learning and teaching of statistics and probability concepts.

Price: Paid  Devices: iPhone and iPad

Probability Tools

Probability Tools allows students to perform probability trials with spinners, dice, coins, and playing cards. This application is ideal for classroom use.

Price: Paid  Devices: iPad

Khan Academy: Probability

Khan Academy Probability allows students to learn Probability through various videos which are download directly on your device.

Price: Paid Devices: iPhone, iPad and iTouch

Classroom management apps


ClassDojo helps teachers improve behavior in their classrooms quickly and easily. It captures and generates data on behavior that teachers can share with parents and administrators.

Price: Free  Devices: iPhone & iPad

Traffic Light!

Watch or control your own set of lights. Use for educational purposes or just for fun. Traffic Light! Can also be used for behaviour management

Price: Free  Devices: iPhone & iPad

Too Noisy Lite

"Too Noisy" displays graphically the background noise level in a room in a fun and engaging way.

Price: Free  Devices: iPhone & iPad