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Maths Education

This guide has been created to support students enrolled in maths education subjects and courses.

Digital resources for teaching literacy, numeracy and science

Are you preparing lessons for your school placement?

The following digital resources are provided by the Library and can be used in the classroom.

Our teacher librarians have created a guide for each resource to enable you to quickly integrate them into your teaching.

Streamed video for the classroom

Streamed videos from the Library can be incorporated into your lessons during placement or used for your own learning. The videos play immediately and are accessible 24/7

How to find streamed videos

  1. Search the Library catalogue and limit results to online videos

  2. Alternatively, search these databases for streamed videos:

  • Kanopy This platform provides diverse streamed video content including award-winning documentaries, training films and theatrical releases from leading distributors and film-makers. It includes content suitable for K-12 lessons and teacher education development resources.
  • Education in Video (Alexander Street Press) is a collection of streaming video developed specifically for training and developing teachers. The collection includes teaching demonstrations, lectures, documentaries, and primary-source footage of students and teachers in actual classrooms.
  • Alexander Street Video offers video, audio and text-based resources covering an extensive range of subjects. This site allows users to cross-search the content purchased by the University of Melbourne Library (including Education in Video).
  • EduTV provides access to broadcast programs from free-to-air and pay TV channels in Australia.

New to streaming media?

Want to know how to create short clips for your classroom?

Streamed video for maths education

The following selection of streamed videos includes instructional videos for teaching concepts in mathematics and numeracy and videos which provide professional development for mathematics teachers.

Early childhood mathematics:

Classification, seriation and number [includes teaching guide]

Mathematical development

Primary mathematics:

Numbers count

All sorts of buttons (Series - Teaching math: A video library, K-4)

Amazing Equations (Series - Teaching math: a video library, K-4)

Arrays and fractions (Series - Teaching math: a video library, K-4)

Secondary mathematics:

Algebra and Calculus: The challenge (Series - Looking at learning ... Again)

Alice to the Moon (Series- Teaching math: a video library, 9-12)

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