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MKTG20009 Global Marketing

MKTG20009 Global Marketing - Research Resources

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This guide will provide you with links to important resources for the subject  Global Marketing (MKTG20009). This guide identifies the main resources essential for the subject, as well as commentary on how to use them. The guide includes instructional videos indicating how to use the main resources.

INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEOS - Research techniques and Databases

These video tutorials show will give you basic instructions on how to do certain research tasks, as well as how to use certain databases.
They cover the main database resources useful for research in this subject. You can access the main useful databases for this subject either through the Company InformationIndustry information or Country Information tabs at the top of the page, or via the Company, Industry and Country Information guide.


Global Marketing - Finding resources in the Library

  • Start here for instructions on how to find relevant reports using the Library's Company, Industry and Country Information Guide



Market data - Passport

  • Finding global market data



Market data - Mintel Market Sizes

  • Finding market data using Mintel Market Sizes



Consumer data - Passport

  • Finding consumer data using Passport



Country reports - MarketLine

  • Finding country reports using MarketLine



Country reports - BMI

  • Finding country reports with BMI



Industry data - Passport

  • Finding industry data using Passport



Industry data - MarketLine

  • Finding industry data using MarketLine



Australian company data - Datanalysis

  • Finding Australian company data using Datanalysis



Australian company data - Company 360

  • Finding Australian company data using Company 360

MKTG20009 Global Marketing

This website offers resources to assist the students of the MKTG20009 Global Marketing subject.
Students will find links to the key databases, and information on which databases will assist in particular aspects of research.


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