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Maths Education

This guide has been created to support students enrolled in maths education subjects and courses.

 Journals for maths education

Fraction chart explaining quartersshowing s prepared by the teacher

DSC_0076 by Melanie Holtsman used under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Your lecturers have requested that the maths journals be grouped to provide guidance about quality and purpose of titles. Use these lists to inform your decision making about whether an article is a suitable reference for your assessment task.

When you need to locate articles about a specific topic for your assessment tasks, the most efficient approach is to search by keyword in the recommended education databases as they index the contents of thousands of journals.

Depending on your research topic, be prepared to think laterally and consider general education journals in the areas of cognition, teaching methods, learning styles and educational psychology.

What is a scholarly peer reviewed journal?

Scholarly Journals

  • Contain articles written by and addressed to experts in a discipline.
  • Report original research or experimentation.
  • Cite their sources in footnotes or bibliographies.

Peer viewed (or refereed) journals

  • Only publish articles that have passed through a review process, and have been approved by scholars or experts.
  • Many databases provided the option to limit your search results to peer reviewed titles

Tip: You can use the UlrichsWeb : global serials directory to check if a journal is peer reviewed.

  1. Search for the journal (use the title-exact search)

  2. If it is a peer-reviewed, the soccer referee T-shirt icon will display next to the journal name.

soccer referee t-shirt icon used in UlrichsWeb to indicate peer reviewed status

How can I track what is published in each issue of a journal?

You can set up Table of Contents Alerts (TOC) to stay up to date with a journal of interest.  This allows you to:

  • Receive e-mail alerts of the latest Table of Contents for your selected journal(s), as they are published.

  • Receive RSS feeds of the latest Table of Contents for your selected journal(s).