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Company, Industry & Country Information

This guide will help you find company, industry and country information in business databases.

  Databases covering Australian companies only 

  Databases covering global companies 

  Ticker Symbols 

Stock price information on digital board.

A ticker or stock symbol is the abbreviation or code used to identify a company on a stock exchange.

Most databases search by company name or ticker and will identify ticker symbols.

There is also quick look-up site:



  Companies - what types 

It can be helpful to consider what type of company you are seeking information on:

Public listed / quoted

  • Trade stocks or securities on an exchange (e.g. the ASX). 
  • Are required to disclose information about their operations and performance, this means a lot of information is available in the above databases and on company websites. 

Private / proprietary / unlisted

  • Not always required by law to disclose information for public inspection, therefore they can be harder to research.
  • Resources to research private companies include some of the above databases (as indicated), news sources and company websites.
  • In Australia, large proprietary companies are required to lodge financial information for public inspection, therefore information is available in the databases.


  • A subsidiary company is one that is owned by another company.
  • Financial information on a subsidiary is sometimes not available and it is necessary to read the reports of the parent company.

Non-profit organisations / Not-For-Profit / NGO

  • Can fall into a number of categories including associations and not-for-profit unlisted public companies.
  • For information on a non-profit organisation, in addition to the databases try:


  • IBISWorld has company profiles for 286 Australian government bodies

  Faculty Research Database 

Specialist research databases, including: 

  • Bloomberg
  • Datastream
  • WRDS Data Services

For: Research students and staff of the Faculty of Business and Economics.

Location: Research Data Laboratory, Upper Ground, Giblin Eunson library.

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