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Company, Industry & Country Information

This guide will help you find company, industry and country information in business databases.

News Databases 

Why search news for Company or Industry information?

News items can provide valuable insights into issues and controversies for a company or industry. 

Magazines and Trade Publications 

What are trade publications?

Trade publications are written for professionals within an industry.

examples of trade magazine covers

Why are they useful for company or industry research?

Trade publications include 

  • company examples
  • best practice
  • case studies
  • industry trends

They also have a quicker publishing model than academic articles so you are more likely to find recent information.


How to search trade publications?

Conduct your search then limit to:

To search within a specifc title find in the library catalogue, eg

University Research News 

These independent news providers report on the latest academic research and contain expert opinion on current business, economics, and social issues.


An independent source of information, analysis and commentary


Research news from top universities


Research news from the University of Melbourne