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Finding Music Scores

Guide to finding music scores at the Louise Hanson-Dyer Music Collection, located at the Southbank Library.

Find Hardcopy Scores

Search Tips

Searching for hardcopy scores is simplest in the library catalogue rather than in Discovery. However, similar search principles apply in both tools and both also have the option to limit to printed music. In Discovery, this will limit to some of our online score collections should these be preferred.

Keyword search

An advanced keyword search is the best approach for finding music scores with their variant titles, languages and spelling. Search using any distinctive words that describe the work you seek. This may include a composer name, instrument, genre or number (BWV, for example). Note that there are options for limiting your search to a specific library or format. The catalogue interface defaults to keyword but the advanced version is available from the dropdown menu in the top right hand corner of the page.

For example:


Call number searching or a virtual shelf browse

Should you be looking for works by a specific composer and/or for a specific instrument or combination of instruments, it is possible to use the library classification system as a means of catalogue browsing.

List the ENTIRE category at the Southbank Library

  • Scores for Clarinet solo or Clarinet with Piano accompaniment, use HC
  • Scores for Saxophone solo or Saxophone with Piano accompaniment, use HCA

List ONE composer in the category at the Southbank Library

From earlier catalogue searching, take note of the composer classification which is coded with the first letter of the composer's name, followed by 3 or 4 numbers, eg

  • Music for piano - A, by Beethoven - B415 = A B415

  • Songs (voice and piano) - M, by Schubert - S384 = M S384

  • Opera (vocal scores) - R, by Puccini - P977 = R P977

Uniform Titles

If a score is found and you wish to locate other editions of the same work, click on the hyperlinked "uniform title" listed in the catalogue record to be redirected to other works using the same title. 

Find Online Scores

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