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European Union information sources

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European Documentation Centres

European Documentation Centres are a network of information centres specialising in European Union information, established by the European Commission. The University of Melbourne Library is one of the 6 full European Documentation Centres in Australia and New Zealand, receiving the complete range of documentation issued by EU institutions.

It was granted the status of full EDC in 1995 with the aim of -

  • Helping the University promote and consolidate teaching and research in the field of European integration
  • Making information on the European Union and its policies available to the public, both in the University and elsewhere. (Artilce 4, EDC. Rules, annexed to agreement, 1995).

The EDC collection is mainly located in the Baillieu, Law and Giblin- Eunson (Economics and education) libraries, and can be found by searching the Library catalogue under -

  • Title - individual title of EU publication.
  • Author - e.g. European Commission, Commission of the European Communities, Office for Official Publications of the European Communities.
  • Subject - e.g. European Union countries.

List of subject headings

Many libraries use the Library of Congress (LC) subject heading system. The select list of subject headings in the linked file (below) can be used in subject searches to find useful materials on various topics relating to the European Union. Check also any variants listed under the main subject headings (eg European Union - public opinion - statistics; European Union - foreign relations - Australia). The subject headings in the list below are fairly generic, so for a more specific topic, start off with a keyword search, and then view the allocated subject headings listed on any relevant records retrieved. They will be hyper-linked to other records with the same subject heading.

Recommended books