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Australian Law: free online resources

Finding Treaties

A treaty is an agreement between States (countries) which is binding at international law. Treaties can be bilateral (between two States) or multilateral (between three or more States). Treaties can also include the creation of rights for individuals. The Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Treaty making Process includes details on treaties and how they are made. 

Treaties to which Australia is a Party


As treaties can either be bilateral or multilateral, there are a range of sources that host treaties to which Australia is a party:

  • Australian Treaty Database -  can be searched by subject and lists all bilateral and multilateral treaties to which Australia is a party, as well as information about the treaty process and adoption into domestic law.

  • Australian Treaty Series - lists all treaties to which Australia is a party and links to the full text. It also includes other treaty resources such as links to treaties not yet in force, treaties under negotiation, and information about the adoption of treaties into domestic law - both the process and binding nature of the rights and obligations created by the treaty.

  • United Nations Treaty Series - the collection of treaties that have been deposited with the United Nations. These treaties tend to be multilateral, and include treaties to which Australia is a party.

  • WorldLII's International Treaties Collection - includes multilateral and bilateral treaties from numerous countries. Please note that coverage can vary depending on the parties of the treaty, and the legal information institute (LII) that has provided the material.