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Taiwan Studies

Finding Books

Finding Books

Finding Books in UoM library Catalogue


When you are starting an essay, it's often a good idea to begin with books - either print or electronic. They're easy to find and often contain good overviews, perfect for familiarising yourself with a topic.

The Library Catalogue is the key tool to find books and eBooks.


There are a few ways to find books in the University of Melbourne's Library:

  1. You can search the library catalogue for all books on a topic using the keyword search or narrow down on a particular work through searching by title or author
  2. You can find other, similar books to one you have found by using subject headings
  3. You can wander over to the shelves and start browsing

To find books on a particular subject, use a keyword search on the library catalogue. For example:




Keyword searching often retrieves a large number of results. You can limit your search by using AND and adding more keywords to retrieve resources that have both words in the record. You could also use quotation marks to perform phrase search. For example:


"international relations" AND Taiwan

Asian AND diaspora


Use OR and brackets to broaden your search to find material related to similar keywords in the one search. Use truncation * to search for resources contain keywords with a particular stem, eg. Asia* searches for Asia, Asian.


Asia* AND (diaspora or migration)


Another way to navigate the catalogue is to use the hyperlinked subject headings in item records. Once clicked on, these headings will show you related subjects around your area and the all the books that the library has related to that subject. Refer to the images below.



The English language print resources on Taiwan studies are primarily housed in the Baillieu library. The Chinese & Japanese language print resources on Taiwan studies are housed in the East Asian Collection in Eastern Resource Centre (ERC). You might like to browse the library shelves for your subject specific resources:​


Baillieu Library

  • 951 General history of Asia; China & adjacent areas
  • 315 General statistics Of Asia
  • 495 Languages of East & Southeast Asia
  • 895 Literatures of East & Southeast Asia
  • 915 Asia (geography and travel)                                                                                                                                          


Eastern Resource Centre

The East Asian collection is located on level 4, Eastern Resource Centre. It is primarily consisted of Chinese, Japanese and Korean language resources.


If you can't find what you're looking for or an item is unavailable in the catalogue try the following options:

  • Search the BONUS+ catalogue to request an item from another university's library
  • Sign up for a CAVAL card to borrow from non-unimelb libraries