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Chinese (PRC) & Hong Kong Law

A guide for researching Chinese (PRC) & Hong Kong Law including Legislation, Case Law, Treaties and Law Reform..

Books on Law Reform in China

Law Reform

China has been undergoing mass reform of its laws and legal system since 1978. For a very useful introduction to the evolution of law reform in China, together with detailed information about reform in specific areas, such as the Constitution, criminal process, courts, administrative law, the legislature, the legal profession and extra-judicial dispute resolution, see: 

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Yale Law School Paul Tsai China Center - Chinese Legal Reform

The Yale Law School Paul Tsai China Center has initiated and steadily expanded collaborative projects with a range of institutions and individuals in China, including the courts, administrative departments, the legislature, leading universities, scholars, and lawyers. The Center’s current projects are focused on judicial reform, administrative law, policy and regulatory reform, criminal law and procedure, civil society and public interest law, constitutional law, and legal education. 

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