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International Humanitarian Law

IHL Journals 

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Individual online and print Journals and Yearbooks on international humanitarian law held by the Law Library include:

Recent IHL Articles - Open Access on SSRN 

Longobardo, Marco, 'The Criminalisation of Intra-Party Offences in Light of Some Recent ICC Decisions on Children in Armed Conflict' (2019) 19 International Criminal Law Review 600-634 

Roberts, Christopher M, 'From Discretion to Law: Rights-Based Concerns and the Evolution of International Sanctions' (2018) 44(1) Brooklyn Journal of International Law

Grzebyk, Patrycja, 'To Kill or Not to Kill: the Use of Force against Legitimate Targets in Armed Conflicts' (2018) 7(2) Wroclaw Review of Law, Administration & Economics

The War Report 

The War Report is published annually since 2013 by the Geneva Academy of Humanitarian Law and Human Rights. It provides an overview of contemporary trends in current armed conflicts, including key international humanitarian law (IHL) and policy issues that have arisen and require attention. Aimed at students, academics, experts, journalists and diplomats as well as NGOs and international organizations, The War Report also lists current armed conflicts where IHL applies and focuses on selected situations.



  • Vols 1 (1998) - 16 (2013) online