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Educational Research

A guide to key resources for conducting quality research in Education.

Which database should you use?

Explore a selection of the available databases according to function

Options for finding more databases

  • Are you looking for a database which focuses on a specific area of teaching e.g. Humanities Education? Explore the full list of library guides for education our learning area guides contain subject focussed database lists.
  • Find more titles by searching or browsing the A-Z ejournals and databases list

Core education databases (try these first)

The Education Library team has developed a core list of databases for locating journal articles and other sources for educational topics. 

Multidisciplinary Search Tools

These databases and platforms are useful if your topic is interdisciplinary (e.g. program evaluation, applied positive psychology, arts education, etc.).

Tools for specific information needs

Streamed videos and media

These databases have a specialist focus or provide access to a particular format of information, such as streamed media. 

Comparative education data

Research resources

Including resources for research design, methods, proposals, project management.

Locating education theses

Use these databases to locate theses relevant to your topic.

Creating annotated bibliographies


Annotated bibliographies are an excellent starting point to find a variety of key resources in your subject area.  For example, journals, journal articles, databases and essential texts. To search for annotated bibliographies.

Library catalogue:
  • Select an Education database (e.g. ERIC, A+ Education)
  • Perform a keyword search (e.g. your topic and annotated bibliography)
  • E.g. Annotated bibliography and educational research

Cited reference searching

Citation tracking allows you to examine research trails and determine the number of times an article has been cited in other papers. It can also reveal connections between authors and other patterns of publication.