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English and Literacy

This guide supports the teaching of P-12 English, and literacy as an integral element of the curriculum.


A list of the current texts to be studied for VCE English and English Literature is published each year in the supplement to February edition of the VCAA Bulletin.

Oxford VCE English 3 & 4 : re-imagining VCE English, 2012-2014 ed. (Leslie et al, 2011)

Exploring genre: war (Stanners, 2010)

VCE English. Units 3 & 4. (Hayes, 2011)

Cambridge VCE English: units 3 and 4. (Heintz and Stracey, 2007)

English exam:contexts (Deriu, 2009)  

English for year 12. (Beardwood and Hillman, 2007)

English handbook and study guide : a comprehensive English reference book . (Lutrin, 2007)

Insight issues: studying media texts. (Breuer, 2003)

Exploring genre: Satire (Stanners)

Issues : an essential English guide. 2nd ed. (Isac and Oliver)

The issues book 2011 : a practical approach to achieving outcomes in Area of Study 3 (Wynne and Baxter)

The language of persuasion (Minter)

The leading edge VCE units 3 & 4 : literature . (McCurry and O'Shea)

Literature for senior students. (Beardwood)

Literary terms : a practical glossary. 2nd ed. (Moon)

Look it up! : a practical reference book for students. 5th ed. (Forrestal)

Oxford VCE English 3 & 4 : exploring issues of identity and belonging  2nd ed (Leslie et al) 

Oxford VCE English 3 & 4 : the imaginative landscape 2nd ed  (Leslie et al)

Oxford VCE English 3 & 4 : whose reality? 2nd ed (Leslie et al)

Senior English skills builder : the essential preparation for VCE. 2nd ed. (Ford and Haywood)

Senior English workbook: VCE English units 3 & 4. (Mitchell)

Senior text types : a writing guide for students  (Housden)

Using language to persuade. 2nd ed ( Johnstone)

VCE English Texts 2011  

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