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Indian Law

A guide for researching Indian Law including Legislation, Case Law, Treaties and Law Reform..


The Republic of India is a constitutional democracy. It is a federation made up of 29 states and seven union and national territories. India's Central and state governments function in the Westminister style.

Use the resources listed below for general information about India.

Indian History

Government Information

Indian Legal System

India's legal system is a mix of common, Muslim and customary law. See Juriglobe for further information(open access).

The main sources of law in India include the constitution, statutory laws, customary laws and case law. See:

A good place to start your Indian legal research

Rule of Law and Human Rights in India


Latest Indian Judgments & Legislation Newsfeed

Latest judgments from the Supreme Court and Bombay High Court, as well as recent UK judgments and recent Acts and Notifications - from the High Court of Bombay Judges' Library Blog.

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Doing Business in India

Other Research Guides on Indian Law

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