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Guide for students studying Musicology at the University of Melbourne.

Search the Catalogue

  • To find books on a particular subject, perform a keyword search in the library catalogue.

For example: music history

  • Keyword searching often retrieves a large number of results so you may need to narrow your search by adding more words.

For example: music history analysis

  • Click on the hyperlinked subject descriptions within a catalogue record to find similar books.

For example, to find more books with the same description, click on: Music -- 19th century -- History and criticism

  • Browse the shelves or library catalogue at 780.9 to find books on music history and on individual composers.

For example:

780.9        Music History: Ancient times to 21st century
780.92      Works about individual composers
780.922    Books about a number of composers and their music

Don't forget that you can have books sent from other branch libraries to your campus for pick-up.

Just click the Request button and follow the prompts.


​Catalogue Search

Use the library catalogue to search for relevant books, printed versions of journals and newspapers etc.


New items

Musicology Reference Books


Subject Bibliographies

Book lists, compiled by experts, are invaluable publications, outlining the lists of writings on a topic, period, composer, etc, and often include critical annotations for each entry. A must for the start of any literature review or comprehensive research topic. Many are located in our Reference Collection and some examples include :