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Scholarship of Teaching & Learning (SoTL)

Introduction to SoTL

Welcome to the SoTL Library Guide

The purpose of this guide is to gather resources about the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) to support the discovery of relevant literature and information.



What is SoTL?

“Scholarship is manifest in scholarly teaching, which lies at the core of higher education, encompassing both aspects of scholarship - the maintenance of knowledge of current developments in the discipline, and transmission of this knowledge. At an individual level, demonstrating scholarly teaching includes:

  • being familiar with the latest ideas, debates and issues relating to the subject being taught, for example by reading relevant journals and publications on a regular basis and using this knowledge to shape teaching practice
  • being informed by current ideas for teaching the subject/discipline, such as improved pedagogies, learning processes, curricula, academic policies and learning materials
  • evaluating and reflecting on teaching practice and student learning (for example through peer assessment of teaching; reflecting on student feedback and actively engaging with students about learning outcomes) in order to challenge assumptions and consider alternative and/or different perspectives on teaching practices
  • stimulating students and fostering their learning in a variety of ways, to engage with current ideas in the discipline area
  • exploring, testing, practising and communicating understanding of who the learners are, how they learn and what practices are most effective in the context of the discipline (pedagogical content knowledge)”(TEQSA, 2020).

This guide will present the resources available to you, to help you to

  • learn more about the principles of SoTL
  • discover current research in SoTL at University of Melbourne
  • connect with other SoTL practitioners at University of Melbourne

Where can I learn more?

SOTL and Academic Advising 

The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, including Academic Advising, Program is a Melbourne CSHE initiative for academic teaching staff and academic advisors. It aims to build Communities of Practice in SoTL and the Scholarship of Academic Advising across the University. 

MCSHE Scholarship of Technology Enhanced Learning (SoTEL) research network. 

The Melbourne CSHE SoTEL research network seeks to bring together specific expertise across all of the University Departments in: mobile learning, immersive reality, wearable technologies, enhanced simulation, design-based research, designing authentic learning, ePortfolios, and self-regulated learning. 

Books & eBooks

Featured books and ebooks on the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

Journals of interest

Stay informed about emerging SoTL research and knowledge by browsing the following journals. Click on the journal titles for access through the University of Melbourne Library. 

Finding information

Search strategies 

The following search terms can be used to locate SoTL literature via search tools such as scholarly databases or the Library Catalogue. 

  • "higher education"
  • "scholarship of teaching and learning" OR SoTL
  • "scholarly teaching"
  • "effective teaching"
  • "education research"
  • "teaching and learning"
  • "Learning and scholarship"
  • "College teaching"

To narrow your search you might try adding your discipline area as a key term to your search, e.g. ("scholarship of teaching and learning" OR SoTL) and psychology

 Scholarly Databases

The following databases will assist you to search for high quality sources about SoTL. The search tools listed here are a selection of databases which index sources from the Education field and multidisciplinary databases which encompass a broad range of disciplinary knowledge and sources.

 Search tools recommended for your discipline

If you would like to see database recommendations for your teaching and research area explore our subject library guides.


Visit the library guide for your subject area




One of the key characteristics of SoTL work is disseminating the outcomes and knowledge gained through your inquiry, by sharing what has been learned at conferences or via publishing avenues such as journals and books.  

The following resources are designed for researchers and SoTL practitioners to support strategic publishing and sharing research outputs with colleagues or others in your discipline. 

 3 resources to support strategic publishing

Scholarly Publishing guide

Discover and explore library tools and services to assist you in deciding where to publish your research.

Presenting and publishing at conferences is a comprehensive resource providing tools and information to support you to identify and evaluate suitable conferences to present your work.


Open Research guide

This guide provides information and how-to advice on a number of different ways you can embed open practices into your research. 

You might consider publishing in an Open Access journal to ensure copyright restrictions do not limit the availability of the full text. 

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New Researchers guide

A comprehensive guide to the Library resources and services relevant to research staff and graduate research students.

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