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Scholarship of Teaching & Learning (SoTL)

 Search strategies

The following search terms can be used to locate SoTL literature via search tools such as scholarly databases or the Library Catalogue. 

  • "higher education"
  • "scholarship of teaching and learning" OR SoTL
  • "scholarly teaching"
  • "effective teaching"
  • "education research"
  • "teaching and learning"
  • "Learning and scholarship"
  • "College teaching"

To narrow your search, you might try adding your discipline area as a key term to your search, e.g. ("scholarship of teaching and learning" OR SoTL) and psychology.

 Scholarly Databases

The following databases will assist you in searching for high-quality sources about SoTL. The search tools listed here are a selection of databases that index sources from the Education field and multidisciplinary databases encompassing a broad range of disciplinary knowledge and sources.

 Search tools recommended for your discipline

If you would like to see database recommendations for your teaching and research area explore our subject library guides.


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