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Scholarly Publishing

A guide to publishing strategically

Authorship responsibilities

Authorship guidelines

All parties involved in research and publication need to discuss and agree upon the following:

  •    authorship
  •    recognition of other contributions
  •    acknowledgement of sponsors
  •    declaration of any conflicts of interest

The University's Research Ethics and Integrity team has developed an Authorship Policy and an associated set of procedures and guidelines.

Download the Authorship agreement template, located under 'Resources' on the University's Authorship site, to support discussions, plans and agreements about authorship.

Research Integrity Advisors

If you have any concerns about the integrity of research, e.g. if you think authorship on a publication hasn't been fairly decided or that someone has stolen some of your original work, you should speak to a Research Integrity Advisor (RIA). RIAs are able to provide advice to any member of the University community who has concerns.