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Scholarly Publishing

A guide to publishing strategically

About Scholarly Publishing

This guide is designed to support academic researchers to publish strategically and to  disseminate their research to the scholarly community.

This guide covers: 1.Introduction to scholarly publishing, 2. Choosing publishers, 3. Making your thesis into a book, 4. When choosing a journal, 5. Journal selection & evaluation tools, 6. Open access publishing, 7. Publisher resources, 8. UOM publishing support, 9. Authorship, 10. Author profiles, 11.Checklists and resources

In preparation for publishing your research and before you start actively sending manuscripts for review, consider which Researcher Profiles you want to set up and maintain. Read more about this at:

If you made good and informed choices about where you want to concentrate your publication efforts you may want to track the impact of your research. Read more about this at:

Contemporary scholarship provides access to a wider and more complete range of literature than that was previously available. The internet has made a profound difference to the way that scholars do scholarship. Communicating knowledge is very immediate and happens through new channels, leaving traces behind. These traces of attention to scholarly efforts are captured in many ways. Read more about Altmetrics at:

Common motivations to get published includes amongst many others:

  • To register the intellectual property of an idea
  • To certify the quality of research and validity of findings
  • To disseminate new research
  • Preserving the scholarly record
  • Authors gaining recognition as scholars
  • Authors positioning their work in the research community
  • Researchers providing a path for others to follow