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Research support for Law Graduate Researchers

This guide will help law PhD and MPhil students to begin their legal research using the University Library's resources finding support services.

Keeping good records

Storage options

The University provides a number of cloud storage options with different levels of access, scalability, security and ease of use. All students have access to up to 1TB of storage on Google Drive as well as Microsoft Office 365 online documents and notebooks. 

If you have sensitive material, need to create durable digital objects, are working with others outside the institution, want to explore online showcasing options or have large dataset your needs may be different. Check the specialist support tab or speak to the library for a suitable option.

Use a research diary

Making a habit of noting which research terms and queries you've employed, and in which databases, can help you in a number of ways. If you lose a notebook or file, it makes it easier to recreate the missing parts. If you take time off due to illness or travel, it helps you pick up the threads of where you left off. Even recording 'no result' can save you backtracking over old ground if you'd otherwise not be sure if you've checked all available resources.

Having a record of your methods, discoveries and notes can be crucial if you're ever called to defend your process and can be an illuminating history of your candidature, highlighting exactly when your understanding of a topic or thinking on an issue changed.

Reference Management

Reference Management software can make your working life easier by formatting references as you write, easily converting your references between styles, organising your files and digital annotations, saving searches and keeping records of your research.

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