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Chinese (PRC) & Hong Kong Law

A guide for researching Chinese (PRC) & Hong Kong Law including Legislation, Case Law, Treaties and Law Reform..

Chinese Legal Research

This guide will assist with Chinese legal research.

Beginning Chinese Legal Research

The following tips can help you in your research:

  • Use secondary sources - see the Books, Journals and Theses page of this Guide for more information on print and electronic books and journals on Chinese law held by the University, and useful journal databases.
  • Browse the law library shelves at KT 4221 for general books on Chinese law.

Chinese Legal System

Image courtesy of Juriglobe

Books on the Chinese Legal System

General Country Information

The following resources provide background information about China - history, politics and government, geography, demographics, economy etc.

Rule of Law in China


See Thomas E Kellogg, 'Rule of law in Asia: The Case of China' - chapter 29.

Doing Business in China

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