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Secondary Sources for Law

A guide to help you locate and use secondary sources for Australian legal research.

Articles referring to cases

Though different databases offer different options for finding articles that refer to case law, case citators are a great place to start.

-Once you have located the record for the case, look for the links to journal articles about the case.  Each of the case citators label these links differently.  

-This will only detect articles that have been indexed as being about a case. If your search does not yield any results, try searching for the case using other fields such as 'All Fields and Full Text'.

-If there is no link to the full text article in the database, search for the journal's name under Title in the Library Catalogue.

-Often citations to journals will include the journal name in abbreviated form. If you are not sure what the abbreviation stands for, search for the abbreviation using a tool such as the Cardiff Index to Legal Abbreviations.

Following is a summary of how to search for articles referring to cases in different databases.

Articles referring to legislation

Articles referring to legislation

Different databases offer different options for finding articles that refer to legislation. Below is a summary.

You can also type legislation into an advanced search form, usually accessible via the drop down menu alongside the search bar. 

This information relates to finding articles on Australian case law and legislation. For information about other jurisdictions, check the 'Foreign, Global and Comparative' list of research guides on the law library website.

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