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Readings Online

Readings Online and copyright

The University of Melbourne is signatory to an educational copyright licence, alongside other Australian universities. This educational copyright licence allows staff to copy and share resources with students for educational purposes, without having to go into individual licencing arrangements with copyright holders (3rd parties) and without having to ask permission from 3rd parties, every time staff wish to use 3rd party resources, for educational purposes. This licence is not free. The cost of the licence is dependent on how much the signatories to the educational copyright licence use 3rd party material. The licence is also not limitless. Alongside the licence there are also contractual limitations around the usage of digital resources. Broadly copyright and contractual limitations linked to Readings Online are as follows: (for further information please see The University’s copyright pages)


Resource Format Copyright Contractual Obligations
Text PDF 10 percent or one chapter Cost is added to educational copyright licence
Text digital link


  • links do not hold copyright
  • must be from reputable source/site

Some digital textbooks have limits on how many students can access them at a time.

Please talk to the Readings Online team or faculty librarians if the text is going to be used for an exam or if the text is going to be heavily used, we may be able to negotiate for more flexible arrangements.

Text Scan from digital resource n/a Digital resources do not allow PDF scans to be uploaded into Readings Online. Talk to Readings Online staff for alternate arrangements.