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Readings Online

Readings Online can make textual, audio and visual material available on the LMS for you and ensure copyright requirements are met.


Readings Online is a tool which:

  1. Gives students direct access to required and recommended reading files, sound recording files and audio visual files, within their Canvas shells. These content files can be organised so that students can access them at the start of a course, at the end of a course or can be metered out into weekly access, where the content files are linked into topics that a course may explore during a semester, etc. 
  2. Allows students to access whole digital texts, via deep links into library resources. This allows access without staff and students having to limit access, due to copyright legislation. 
  3. Gives staff statistics on which texts are being accessed and by whom.
  4. Gives comparable statistics from year to year, subject to subject, faculty to faculty. 
  5. Allows teaching staff to save readings by exporting them into their bibliographic software and then allows teaching staff to import the readings into a new class.
  6. Gives teaching staff access assistance and guidance from library staff:
    • in how to use Readings Online
    • how to order online texts
    • how to get an inter-library loan
    • how to order more texts and how to manage them in High Use.

How does this guide work?

This guide is for teaching staff. For student support visit LMS Support for students.

Contact Readings Online

Contact Readings Online

You can email the team at if you need assistance.