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English and Theatre Studies

Your guide to English and Theatre Studies resources at the University of Melbourne Library.


Welcome to the English and Theatre Studies subject research guide

Your subject librarians have designed this guide to highlight online resources at the University of Melbourne Library that are relevant to English and Theatre Studies. 

This guide is intended to be a starting point for your research. For a more comprehensive list of Library resources for this subject, please visit the A-Z eJournals and Databases website.

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Encyclopedias and handbooks

General reference sources
English Literature
American Literature


Core Arts and Humanities databases (try these first):

The databases below are multidisciplinary so you can expect lots of results from different subject areas.


Click on the buttons below to view a selection of online English and Theatre Studies eJournals that the Library holds (this will open in a new window). For a complete list of eJournals, please visit our A-Z eJournals page.


Looking for a book but we don't have it or it's not on our shelves?


Logo of BONUS+

Request books from other universities through the BONUS+ catalogue and collect them from any Unimelb branch library.

Visit the BONUS+ webpage for more info.

Inter-library Loans

University of Melbourne staff and students can request resources through the Library’s inter-library loans service. For more information visit the ILL web page, or you can access the request forms.


Logo of CAVAL

A CAVAL card allows you to borrow from other Unis and TAFES. Visit the CAVAL website to find out how to sign up for a CAVAL card.

You can then use the Trove website to see which library has the book you want.


The Library Catalogue can help you find books


To find books on a particular subject, use a keyword search on the Library Catalogue. For example:


cultural anthropology

Medieval history

creative writing

climate change


Keyword searching often retrieves a large number of results. These four techniques can help you focus your search:



Narrows your search

E.g. medieval AND history


Expands your search

E.g. climate OR weather


" "

Searches for an exact phrase

E.g. "social theory"


searches for variant endings

E.g. innovat* = innovation, innovations, innovators


The video below (3:47 mins) explains how you can use these advanced search techniques to quickly find relevant books and ebooks in the catalogue:


You can also find books on similar topics through the subject headings in item records. Click on  these headings to view related subjects around your area and the all the books that the library has related to that subject. The image below shows where you can find subject headings.



Screenshot of how to use subject headings in the library catalogue

Book reviews


For additional sources of contemporary and historic book reviews, consult our guide to finding news:


Looking for theses? Click on the button below:


General advice on looking for websites

You can find relevant information and resources for your research on the websites of professional organisations and bodies, institutes, NGOs, government departments, etc.

This guide gives a few suggestions to get you started and to give you an idea what to look for. It is by no means comprehensive. If you are a coursework student, check your LMS to see if your lecturer has provided website recommendations.

Tip: if you want to limit your Google search results to organisational, governmental, or educational websites, use Google's advanced search option to limit the site or domains to .org, .gov, .edu

Selected websites

Referencing and citing

Need help with your referencing? Click on the button below:
Learn how reference management software can help you with referencing:

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