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Research impact for Education: a self-help guide

Citations for books and chapters

Citation counts for books and book chapters can be found in the same way as for other publication types (See Metrics for publications). Additional sources may need to be consulted.


It may be more difficult to verify the citation counts for book chapters. This happens because often there are inaccuracies and inconsistencies in the referencing data for Books (date, author and edition variations) or for Book Chapters (book v book chapter cited, plus errors and variations).

You may need to rely on additional indicators of the prestige, impact, calibre of your book and book chapters and be able to demonstrate that in words (narratives that includes other indicators of research impact).

Book and chapter citation metric sources

When it is difficult to track citation counts for books/book chapters via the tradition citation indexes (Web of Science, Scopus, or Google Scholar), consider using other discipline specific tools to supplement your searches to track and monitor evidence.

Can library-holding counts help?

This types of data might not always be appropriate for use. Use these universal library catalogues to find the number of libraries and listing of libraries with holdings for your book.