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European Union Law

Europa Open Access Publications

The Europa platform (open access) includes the EU Bookshop which offers open access to a large quantity of documents including reports, newsletters, teaching tools and other documents on the history and current workings of the EU.

Individual EU Journal Titles

E-journals on EU law held by the Library include:

Finding Journal Articles on EU Law

Journal article databases allow you to search hundreds of journal titles at the same time and is the most effective way to find relevant articles. These databases can provide indexes/abstracts and / or full text articles. 

Not all articles on EU law will be written in EU journals, so we recommend using multijurisdictional databases - these contain mostly journals from 'western' common law jurisdictions such as the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand, but also include much written about EU law. These databases include content from thousands of journals and are the most effective research tool for journal articles from all jurisdictions.

We recommend the following databases.

  • Westlaw UK (UK and EU journals) (UniMelb staff & student access) - includes:
    • Legal Journals Index- an index to over half a million more article abstracts from hundreds of journals 
    • 110 full-text legal journals
  • INFORMIT platform (Australasian) - includes AGIS (law) (UniMelb staff & student access)
  • Index to Legal Periodicals and Books (multijurisdictional) (UniMelb staff & student access) - combines the Index to Legal Periodicals with over 1,200 full text journals to provide coverage of the most respected scholarly law journals from the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand.
  • SSRN (multijurisdictional) (open access) - this database includes university research papers, and forthcoming articles and book chapters accepted for publication, and is the best source of very recent scholarship.
  • Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals (on HEIN Online) (UniMelb staff & student access) - multilingual index of articles appearing in legal journals published in jurisdictions other than the USA, the UK, Canada, and Australia. 
  • HEIN Online Law Journals (multijurisdictional) (UniMelb staff & student access) - this database contains full text articles from thousands of journals, all back to the first issue. It is the best source to use if you want to find older articles.
  • LegalTrac (UniMelb staff & student access) - provides indexing for major law reviews, legal newspapers, bar association journals and international legal journals. Article title index only - no abstracts.

UiO AREMA Centre for European Studies - Working Papers

ARENA is a research programme focusing on developments in the governance of Europe.

The website provides details of ARENA working papers from 1994 to the present, with full-text available for many of the papers.