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South African Law

Finding Casenotes / Commentary on Cases 

Leading cases are often discussed in books on your topic.

Case notes / comments and scholarly commentary are often contained in journal and law review articles. See the Journals page in this Guide.

Also use:

The Cases Cited search box in the Journal Article Index of the Johannesburg Bar Library (open access). Indexes articles from South African journals only. Many more journals are indexed in this database than in SAFLII. No full text. 
Please note: there are currently (as at 6/9/22) issues accessing this catalogue from Australia and we are working with the Johannesburg Bar Library to resolve the issue. In the meantime, you can access the library catalogues available via these links:

SAFLII. From your case, click on Noteup - this will link to cases that have considered your case. It will also list and link to full text journal articles considering your case in the few South African journals that are included in full text in SAFLII.The default order is by relevance, but you can also sort by eg: date and database. Clicking on By Database will sort the citing journal articles after the listing by court.