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Subsequent consideration / Noting Up decisions using Case Citators

'Noting up' means 1) checking the judicial history of a case to see if it has, for example, been reversed or affirmed on appeal ('history'), and 2) finding if a case has been considered by other cases and how the subsequent cases have treated the case  - for example if they have distinguished or followed the case ('treatment').

SAFLII (open access) will find not show the history of a case. It will find subsequent judicial consideration of your case, but will not show how the subsequent cases have treated the case. Each decision in SAFLII provides a 'Noteup' function to look at South African cases citing your case.

Each decision also provides links to LawCite citations, so you can see cases from South Africa and around the world that cite your case. LawCite also lists and links to cases cited by your case. Cases can be sorted by eg: date, jurisdiction and court. In the screenshot below, the list of citing cases has been sorted to see the Australian cases citing S v Zuma first.

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