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International Investment Law

What is International Investment Law?

International investment law is an instrument of public international law. It governs foreign direct investment and the resolution of disputes between foreign investors and sovereign States. This guide will recommend the best resources for locating primary and secondary resources to research international investment law.  

For a good introduction to the topic, see the following book:

One Stop Research Databases

The following UniMelb subscription databases include arbitration awards and decisions, bilateral investment treaties, multilateral treaties, journal articles, books, and selected domestic arbitration laws. All have different content and are searched in different ways, so to research comprehensively you may need to use several. 


Bibliographies - a good place to start your research

The following Oxford Bibliographies Online contains very useful lists of books, journals and journal articles, as well as some primary sources, and are an excellent place to start your research into international investment law. These Bibliographies are all in the Oxford Bibliographies International Law module.

  • Foreign Investment - by Nicolas Angelet & Mathilde Rousseau
  • Investment Protection Treaties - by Silvina Gonzalez Napolitano
  • International Investment Arbitration - by C.L. Lim & Jean Ho