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Australian Legislation


An Act starts as a Bill which is presented and debated in parliament. Most debates are in the Second Reading stage. Once the Bill has passed all three reading stages in the two houses within Parliament and it has received Royal Assent by the Governor-General (or Governor) it becomes an Act. The assent is published by proclamation in the Government Gazette which stipulates the date the Act commences. It is important to note that an Act or different sections of an Act can commence at future dates and at different times. If you are unsure of whether an Act or sections of an Act have come into operation check legislation commencement tables or annotated statutes.

The below links provide further information on bills. Watch the video to see how a Bill is passed through the Victorian Parliament.

Visit the Victorian Legislation site to access the bill (via Victorian Legislation and Parliament Documents link).


Understanding the background of a Bill

Bills Digests are a description of new bills brought into either House arranged by financial year. Bills Digest provide background information about a bill, covering areas such as the purpose of a bill, main issues, financial implications of the bill and key provisions.

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