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Humanities Education

This guide supports prep to year 12 humanities teaching, and humanities education research.

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Finding Humanities books

Use the subject heading for Humanities study and teaching books to find useful books quick.

Also search using one of the following methods:

TITLE: enter the exact title eg: Teaching Humanities in Primary Schools or Teaching Geography in Secondary Schools or just the beginning of the title Teaching Humanities - this will give you a range of search results to choose from

AUTHOR: enter the surname first eg: MARSH, Colin

KEYWORD: enter the keywords in your topic eg: Humanities and Teaching

SUBJECT: click on any of these examples to complete a Subject Heading search in the library catalogue

Further subject search links appear below.

Tips for building search statements

Use the following techniques to improve your search statements and results (e.g. to find more of the results with a variation of the word form, more focused results with the exact phrase included, a larger set of results with all the possible words in the results, or more accurate combination of the possible search terms).

Truncation (* $)

searches for variant endings

E.g. leader* = leader, leaders, leadership

Quotation marks (" ")

searches for an exact phrase

E.g. "educational theory"

OR operator

expands your search to find similar words or synonyms

E.g. (assessment OR measurement)


to create correct processing order in searches

E.g. ("primary school" OR "elementary school") AND assessment